Careers Education and Guidance

We are an exclusive partner of Future Careers UK, a leading careers education and guidance provider.

Future Careers Ghana is committed to guiding and supporting young people to make informed choices regarding their careers.

As a careers education provider, our focus is to address the educational and employment support needs of youth in Ghana.

Our work is to provide a solution to lack of career support services for students, graduates and anyone not in education, employment or training.

What does Future Careers in Ghana mean for you?
Access career guidance, planning, and development support from our qualified career development officers.
We can assist you with starting and growing your own business, through our Enterprise Education Prograame
You can explore a range of work-based learning opportunities here in Ghana.
As an official partner of British Council IELTS partnership programme, we can prepare and register you for IELTS test.
Our international admissions team can assist you with securing work-based learning opportunities in the UK
Explore a vast range of quality professional online courses with employability support.

Who we are

We are the organisation behind the drive to make career education a key part of your learning and helping you make informed choices in relation to education and employment.

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Core Values
Prioritising the career support needs of our youth
Emphasis on outcomes
Staff skills and knowledge is fundamental in our work
We only provide impartial advice
Teamwork and collaborations to develop better solutions
Aim to achieve 100% service user satisfaction

Mission statement

To promote and provide career guidance and development support to young people, and bring together educators and employers for the purpose of creating career opportunities to help eliminate youth unemployment.


Educators have a responsibility to ensure young people achieve the best possible outcomes through quality education.

With youth unemployment figures still rising, changes must be made to how further and higher education are delivered.

We are committed to leading our career experts to deliver the change our youth have been asking for. We have confidence in our ability and approach to delivering quality careers education in Ghana.

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