Becoming Business Ready

“Enterprise: the application of creative ideas and innovations to practical situations.”

“Entrepreneurship: the application of enterprise skills specifically to creating and growing organisations in order to identify and build on opportunities.”


Enterprise education develops the capacity for learners to create and demonstrate how ideas are developed into innovative products and services which deliver economic, cultural, intellectual, environmental and social value. This involves a combination of business & market awareness, professional skills development, and mindset development around personal values, motivation, risk-tolerance and opportunity assessment.

Enterprise education provides learning opportunities which help students develop the attitude, knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur. It enables learners to develop confidence, self-reliance and a determination to succeed.


Our enterprise education programme develops specific knowledge on how to start a venture that capitalises on that idea. We use real start-up projects rather than experimental learning to equip learners to create profitable and sustainable businesses. The programme is delivered via blended learning, giving our learners the opportunity to study for a UK accredited professional business qualification, while working on a start-up project.

  • Strategic Management & Leadership (Level 5 – 7)
  • Strategic Management & Innovation (Level 7)
  • Business Enterprise (Level 5 – 7)
  • Business Management (Level 5 – 7)
  • Business Strategy (Level 7)
  • Business Administration (Level 5 – 7)
  • Executive Management (Level 7)
Business Ready

We deliver our courses in a well-equipped enterprise hub, providing learners with the perfect environment to build a successful business. The hub also provides access to experienced business consultants and specialist to support leaners with their start-up project.