A part of our school management support services, Future Careers Ghana deliver effective Management and Staff Training to your workforce to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

As specialists in the training and development of personnel in school management, our professionals will focus on the key  components of educational management required to maintain a strong effective workforce.

These components are Educational Planning, Educational Administration, Educational Organisation, Educational Direction, Educational Co-ordination, Educational Supervision, Educational Controlling, and Educational Evaluation.

In-depth direction would be given on the principles of each component so that personnel are able to understand and apply their understanding to the workplace.

Educational Planning involves a plan being conceptualised as a predetermined strategy, detailed skills or programme of action related to the achievement of an objective. In view of the objectives and size, the plans may be long term, medium term and short term. This kind of planning usually promotes high moral, enthusiasm and motivation for work and success of the institutions or organisations.

Educational Administration contains much that we mean by the word government and is closely related in content to such words as supervision, planning, oversight, direction, organisation, control, guidance and regulation.

All types of resources meant for the educational programme are organised or made available in an organisation or institution for realizing the educational objectives or goals that are prefixed. Good organisation leads to efficiency and great outcomes.

Direction is necessary for giving leadership in order to implement the programmes and carrying out the entire management of the institution.

Through this aspect of educational co-ordination, different kinds of resources especially human resources have to be interrelated or co-ordinated for utilising the resources properly in an effective manner.

In the modern perspective, educational supervision is an expert technical service primarily concerned with studying and improving the conditions that surround learning and pupil growth.It is now conceived as a process which has for its purpose for the general improvement of the total teaching-learning situation.

Educational Controlling is exercised through proper evaluation. In order to fulfill the purposes of evaluation, the techniques of control are to be addressed. These involve the policies, the budget, auditing, timetable, curriculum, personal records etc. Once controlled, maximum efficiency is achieved.

Educational evaluation is an integral part of educational management as it determines the degree of realisation of educational objectives or goals as well as the effectiveness of it; Such measures are used as a tool to evaluate student achievement and teachers’ performance.