Work-Based Learning
What is Professional+

A career development programme delivered through a method of blended learning by combining online studies with work-based learning. Under this programme, you will be able to study for an accredited UK level 5 – 7 professional qualification in most subjects while earning through a paid work placement relating to your course.

We also provide level 3 and 4 UK accredited pathway courses that come with career development support in addition to your online tuition.

How can Professional+ benefit you?
This will provide you with the vital professional work experience that employers seek
You are guaranteed to earn ₵800 per month, for a 20 hours a week placement
A good opportunity to gain professional industry knowledge
Professional+ provides you with the platform to demonstrate your skills and abilities to your employer, to increase your chances of securing a long term career at the end of your training
You will be given professional employment references to help increase your employability