Recruitment made simple

At Future Careers we have a wealth of experience and expertise in recruiting and selecting the right fit for your business. We have industry-leading capabilities to drive efficiency and effectiveness through our comprehensive recruitment processes. We provide the following recruitment services.
Temporary placement

In the event that your organisation requires temporary workers or key competencies to fill certain skill gaps, we help recruit candidates to fill those gaps in the short term. Future Careers Recruitment services can provide the unique talent you need while assuring you absolute flexibility in your choices or preferences.

Permanent placement

Connecting the right skills and unique set of individuals to fit your business needs can be challenging when sourcing talent.  Our expert recruitment personnel will research thoroughly into your business needs during each recruitment process to develop a deep understanding of your organisation’s culture, talent needs and business objective ensuring we deliver the right innovative, creative and a diverse team for your organisation.

Graduate placement

You can benefit from our in-house Graduate Recruitment Consultants, if you are a  small to medium-sized enterprise. We’ll work with you to pre-screen candidates and help negotiate your job offers to graduates. You’ll also get opportunities to raise your profile at the University by joining our recruitment fairs, providing skills sessions and presentations to our students, and using our jobs board.

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We are Trusted

Over 80 employers trust us to deliver the talent they need.

We deliver Results

Many businesses here in Ghana use us to find their next hire.

We are the no.1 choice for recruitment

Future Careers Ghana offer a wide range of recruitment options available to both the employer and potential candidates.

Consider recruiting a placement student through our work-based learning programme

Our Degree+ and Professional+ programmes give us access to a large pool of higher education students and graduates seeking work-based learning opportunities with recognised employers within Ghana across various industry sectors.

Hiring a student through Future Careers Ghana gives you the assurance of being provided a workforce who have been fully vetted before beginning their employment within your organisation.

Benefit from the knowledge and skill set students bring with new ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Our students are keen to put their learning into practice and prove themselves ready for work.

Our recruitment team provide support and advice throughout the entire recruitment process to make it simple and efficient to recruit from our talent pool.