Your CV is essential when applying for jobs as it gives employers an insight into you, your work experience, skills and education.


Recruiters end up with a pile of CVs and they go through a quick scan to select which candidates will they look closely for the next stages. That being said, tt is important to make sure your CV is in top form to give you a better chance of securing an interview and perhaps get the job you have wished for.


Take note of the following steps that are guaranteed to secure you that interview:

  • Place your profile at the top of your CV so you will make the first impression to the employer by showing who you are and what are your interests. That helps in the first stage of scanning.
  • Customise and adapt your CV according to the job role you are applying for, including a cover letter. Employers want to know if you understand the role you are applying for and if you would be the ideal person to join their team, as well as that you are interested in their company.
  • Focus on your personal development and how have you achieved your goals, Recruiters like candidates that ambitious and looking for to grow as a professional.
  • Show that you have industry insights, by keeping up to date with the news and industry changes. Employers want their employees to stay on top of trends.


Now it is time to get on writing and have the best CV in the pile!