You can transform many young people's lives by becoming a sponsor with Future Careers Ghana.

Future Careers Ghana presents a fantastic sponsorship opportunity to engage our youth in careers education and guidance.

To help the programme to achieve its full impact, we are looking for support to our young people and schools in the form of sponsorship.

Benefits of Sponsoring

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By sponsoring a child or school to receive our Careers Education and Guidance Service, this will act as an important part of your Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio.

Brand awareness and profile raising

By successfully supporting this initiative, you are helping us to engage with as many young people in JHS, SHS and those not in education, employment or training. To appreciate your support, we will promote your organisation via our website and social media platforms, events we attend and in certain publicity materials we produce.

Networking and collaborative opportunities

Our work involves working alongside influential individuals and businesses. This can act as a way of networking to open more opportunities for your organisation.

Safeguarding the future workforce of Ghana

Through your support, you will be helping us to engage, educate and inspire our youth to take their careers education serious and to understand the extensive opportunities available to them.

You are investing in the future workforce of Ghana and we thank you greatly.

What happens when you sponsor a child or a school

As we will journey together, you will receive regular notifications of how the individual or school are progressing; having received tailored careers education throughout their JHS and SHS education.

On authorisation, your details will be shared amongst the public to show appreciation of your sponsorship.