What is careers education?

Career education is an important part of the curriculum in most education institutions. It is an essential part of the learning process for students to acquire knowledge and skills in order to make informed decisions about their future. Career education is central to helping students develop a better understanding of the real world and the various career opportunities that exist.

Career education helps students explore their interests, skills and values, as well as the available options in the labour market. It also educates students on the practical aspects of finding a job, such as job search strategies, interview techniques, CV writing, and networking. In addition, career education provides students with the opportunity to explore potential career pathways and develop the necessary skills to enter into the job market.

Benefits of Careers Education

Making Informed Decisions

Career education helps students make informed decisions about their educational plans. It provides them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about which classes to take, which degree programs to pursue, and how to best use their time in college. With this information, students can create an educational plan which is tailored to their individual interests and goals.

Skill Development

Careers education helps students develop the necessary skills to enter the job market. Most employers require applicants to have a certain set of skills and experience. Career education can help students develop these skills and gain the necessary experience to make themselves more marketable to potential employers.

CAREERPLAN School Programme

We deliver careers education as an extra curricular activity once a week through our CAREERPLAN 100 Programme or once a month through the School Partnership Programme (SPP)

CAREERPLAN 100: Future Careers Ghana will delivers the full programme, with a qualified career guidance & development officer being allocated to your school.

School Partnership Programme (SPP): Future Career’s Ghana will train two existing staff members to deliver Assessments, Understanding Mindset & Growth Mindset.

What We Cover


Career Interest Finder assessment, Temperament test and Skills assessment

40 Weeks Programme

Covers a range of careers education topics including job-search techniques, interview techniques, cv and cover letter writing, networking and more. We also deliver soft skills development including Time Management Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking and Budgeting.

Understanding Mindset

When it comes to academic success, having the right mindset is essential. Unfortunately, many students struggle to develop the right mindset and are unable to maximize their potential. A mindset workbook can help students achieve their academic goals by providing them with the tools they need to build the right mindset.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset workbooks for students are an essential tool for helping them understand the power of their own potential. By teaching students how to develop a growth mindset, they can learn to approach learning with resilience and determination, two key skills for success.

Our growth mindset workbook for students  include activities that help them recognise and embrace the power of their own potential. Activities focuses on helping students understand that with dedication, hard work, and practice, they can achieve any goal.

Work Experience

Work experience is a great way for students to get their foot in the door of the professional world and gain valuable industry experience. During school holidays, it can be difficult for students to find the time and resources to gain such experiences, so arranging work experience during school holidays can be an invaluable opportunity for students to explore their career interests and develop essential skills.