Moving to the UK might be exciting, however, you will need to find a place where you call it home. In this post we suggest you look at the following 5 points to consider before finding a place:


  1. The location — Do you want to live close to your university? Or in a central area? Keep in mind the transport links where the accommodation is and how convenient it is for you;
  2. Security & Safety — This is a huge factor as the crime rates are unfortunately high in student areas. Always check with the landlord or agency if the accommodation has any burglar alarm system, working fire alarms and/or if there is anything you should be concerned about your security. Invest in your security;
  3. Water supply — Check the taps, possible leaks, damp patches, toilet flush. It is essential to check if everything is in conditions as it can be dangerous and also expensive to fix;
  4. Electric appliances and other goods — Check if the appliances are in order to be used and also what is it included in the tenancy agreement and inventory (including furniture). If you use any appliance that is not in the agreement, you can get charged for it. It is also important to let the landlord know if any appliance stops working or if there is doggy-looking plug sockets or cables around that might be dangerous;
  5. The insulation of the house/room — UK’s weather can be cold during winter which means you will have to turn on the heaters. If the place is well insulated, you will save a considerable amount of money at the end of the month with central heating.


We hope these tips help you choose your future home during your exciting journey.