What can be done to provide the right guidance to meet your child’s continuing needs and career planning?

It is important to start career planning and guidance in our early teenage years. This is usually when questions start to be raised about what career path they should take. That decision is vital to know what to study or to specialise on.

By planning and having the right guidance, the child will explore career paths based on their newly discovered interests. When all the questions are answered, the child will know which skills should be developed in order to build the right credentials so they can be best prepared for the future.

And this is where CAREERPLAN comes! Future Careers will give your child all the support needed to help them make the right choices for a successful and exciting future. CAREERPLAN enables young people to actualize their future aspirations and goals, providing them with highly qualified and experienced career advisors to guide and monitor their progression step-by-step

For only £150 a year your child will have six sessions delivered online by a career development officer to provide tailored guidance.