MSc Gastronomy and Food Sustainability

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There has never been a more important time to consider how food production and consumption affects our world. The agri-food industry needs smart, innovative people and approaches to help balance overcoming challenges like climate change, food security and diet-related diseases with producing food people still want to eat. Our Gastronomy and Food Sustainability postgraduate course will help you develop both the general and specific knowledge to meet the needs of the future industry.

Expanding from a point of gastronomy, this course offers a unique perspective acknowledging food as a culturally embedded source of pleasure and enrichment, rather than just nutrition or commodity. You will learn about the impacts of food production and consumption on the societal, environmental and economic stability and development of domestic and wider markets, while the philosophy, science and business of food are represented to reflect the considerations for nourishment, pleasure and sustainability.

  • Entry Requirements
  • The qualification can be offered to Learners from age 18. The Learners need to ensure that they have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.

    English language requirements
    The Qualifications have been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression:
    • IELTS minimum 6.5 overall with no fail.
    • Minimum 2.2 class of degree

    We consider applicants:
    • Who have demonstrated some ability and possess Qualifications at Level 7 in  Food Sustainability or related field.
    • Who have spent some time in an organisational role and wish to develop their careers further.
    • With professional experience looking to change careers through work-based learning.

  • Units & Assessment
  • Module Structure
    • Food Marketing and Digital Media
    • Gastro-science
    • Future Foods
    • Global Food Culture
    • Food Waste: A Global Challenge
    • Sustainable Food Strategies

  • Career Development
  • This course comes with practical on-the-job training in a role relating to your studies. You will be required to work with one of our employers for 20 hours per week and will receive a part-time salary of £712 per month.

    The objective of this career development programme is to introduce you to a professional career and equip you with the relevant experience needed to secure a career.

  • Progression
    • On completion of your studies, you may be given a full-time graduate opportunity by your employer
    • You may wish to further your studies by taking on an academic level 8 professional qualification
    DURATION: 1 year
    START DATE: Sept 2021
    COURSE FEE: £23,500 per year
    COURSE TYPE: Campus & Workplace
    AWARDING BODY: University of College Birmingham
    LOCATION: Birmingham, United Kingdom


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