Summer School Programmes

Students will join an engaging academic programme of their choice

Future Careers Ghana has now began offering Summer School Programme to the United Kingdom in partnership with Future Careers UK.

Delivering an experience that will unlock your child’s potential and set a foundation for future success. Hosted at the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, we’re the UK’s number 1 choice for children aged 12-17.

Why choose our programme?
Welcoming nationalities from across the world
Delivering interactive learning
A range of practical courses
Experience new cultures
Book with Confidence

At Future Careers Ghana we’re confident that our courses will set out the foundation for long term success for our students. Support and feedback from our team are the backbone to getting it right for every child. The knowledge, skills and confidence developed throughout this experience allow our students to go forward and apply what they have learnt to other areas of their education and personal lives. 

Having the exposure to experience a different culture, surrounding and way of living will also give our learners the ability to broaden their understanding of the range of opportunities available to them to pursue the career of their choice.

As always the safety and wellbeing of our families and students continues to be our number one priority. We set the highest standard of safeguarding procedures to provide outstanding care to all of our students.