Career Guidance, Planning and Development for Junior and Senior High Schools

CAREERPLAN for Schools is a comprehensive careers education and guidance programme for junior and senior high schools. The programme is aimed at providing students with detailed knowledge on choosing a career path, through a structured delivery method.

In our constantly changing world, schools have an obligation to guide learners into making informed choices on what to study and the careers to pursue.

By integrating CAREERPLAN into your schools curriculum, you can give your students the knowledge and the competitive edge they need to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

With our qualified and experienced career professionals, your students will benefit from tailored career guidance and planning support alongside their academic education.

Careers education and guidance
Benefits of Careers Education
Access career guidance, planning, and development support
Access a range of work-based learning opportunities such as:
Apprenticeship | Traineeship | Internship | Volunteering | Other Work-Based Learning options
Develops and promotes entrepreneurship
Access support for education and employment opportunities
Addresses skills shortage needs
Help reduce unemployment

We are making careers education easily accessible to all junior and senior high schools